When choosing the right type of splashback for your home or business, some of the key things to consider include ease of cleaning, durability, design, style and function. Canberra Splashbacks come in a wide range of material and colour and can be ordered custom made or in standard sizes. With so many options to choose from, consumers can be overwhelmed as to what is the best option: stainless steel splashbacks, glass splashbacks or acrylic splashbacks. One of the major focal points of your home is your splashbacks and it can be used to make real design statement in your kitchen or bathroom. At Canberra Splashbacks, we provide the right splashbacks to complement the entire design of your home that will most definitely attract attention.

However, the key to choosing the one that best suit your taste is choosing the right material and colour that will match every feature of your home. Our team of experts can help you select a material that perfectly complements your scheme. Here are the different splashback products designed to lift your home from ordinary to extraordinary.

Tile Splashbacks

One of the unique features of tiles is the variety of designs and colours on offer to suit any budget. Tile splashbacks comes in a wide range of shapes including square, diamond, large tiles with embossed patterning, thin banding and much more, thus contributing to an individualistic design. The biggest drawback is that it takes a lot to time, and energy to fit tile splashbacks.

Glass splashbacks

Glass is a long lasting, heat resistant and scratch free material that can be custom made to suit your taste. Glass splashbacks are usually installed as a single piece and it requires little maintenance. Offering a stylish finish and design making your home look sophisticated, glass splashbacks are easy to clean and very practical. It is one of the most popular types of splashbacks used in most modern homes in Canberra. Though it can cost a fortune, but its well worth it because of its durability.

Acrylic splashbacks

Acrylic splashbacks is fast becoming an alternative to glass due to its affordability. Despite the fact that it is a bit stronger than glass, acrylic splashbacks can scratch easily and cannot withstand heat because it can melt making it lose it attractive and stylish finish. Acrylic is considered the world’s clearest material due to its transparency rate of about 93%. Acrylic splashbacks come in a variety of colours and designs, giving you the option to choose the one that best complements the interior decor of your kitchen or bathroom. One of the reasons why acrylic splashback is becoming popular is because it is highly recyclable and very lightweight material to work with.

Stainless steel splashbacks

Looking for a sleek, modern and contemporary design for your kitchen? Stainless steel splashbacks is the best for you. They are easy to clean, highly resistant to heat and can last for years to come. The major disadvantage of stainless steel is that they are relatively expensive, can scratch easily and comes in limited colours. For those with a busy lifestyle, stainless steel splashbacks is ideal for you because it easy to clean and maintain.

Printed glass splashbacks

Printed glass splashbacks are custom-made to suit the mood of your home. If all you want is something chic, then you should consider buying printed glass splashbacks as it enhances your home’s decor to make it look unique and outstanding. The image quality on your printed glass splashback will never fade. They are not only stylishly designed but very practical as well.