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one of the most reliable supplier of glass splashbacks in Canberra, offering bespoke products designed to suit your taste.

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Have you just remodelled your house and everything looks just amazing? Are you unsatisfied with the interiors of the kitchen or bathroom? You need not worry! There is something you can do to enhance the beauty of your new kitchen or bathroom and make it look special. With beautifully designed, custom splashbacks, you will have the look you desire. At Canberra Splashbacks, we design the highest quality in splashbacks that guarantees protection and style for an otherwise plain looking wall. Adding splashbacks to the design of your kitchen or bathroom is essential to make it look more attractive. If you are considering one for your home, look no further than Canberra Splashbacks - we're here to help.


In recent years, splashback are fast becoming popular among homeowners because it adds a modern and contemporary look and feel to their home. Canberra Splashbacks is one of the few companies in Canberra with a state of the art digital printing capabilities offering you the ultimate in custom printed glass splashbacks. Some of the benefits of using our wide range of splashbacks products include:

Easy to clean

One of the major benefits of glass splashbacks is that they are easy to clean and requires low maintenance/highly durable. With our splashbacks, you do not need to spend your valuable time constantly cleaning your kitchen walls

Great scratch and heat resistant

Our glass splashbacks have scratch and heat resistant properties and as such they can withstand extreme temperatures of around 220°C - that's HOT!

Safe environment

Glass fixtures do not absorb or hide liquid, making your kitchen look cleaner, safer and more hygienic. A hygienic kitchen guarantees a healthy lifestyle for you and your family.


One of the reasons why most homeowners and businesses choose a splashbacks for their kitchen or bathroom area is because they are so extremely durable, easy to clean and long lasting.

Unlimited colour choices

Splashbacks come in a wide range of colours to suit the interior decor of your kitchen or bathroom


We provide the best results

Over the past few years, Canberra Splashbacks have installed thousands of splashback products for homes and businesses in Canberra. Our team of professionals are here to help.

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Why choose us?

There are many splashbacks companies in Canberra today, but we stand out as one of the most reliable splashbacks installation businesses offering a seamless, highly professional service. At Canberra Splashbacks, we offer a wide range of choices for clients to choose from ranging from designs, colours, materials and styles tailored to meet your needs